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Social Responsibility

*providing the most advancing electric mobility Graphene battery pack to the new world transportation.
*CO2 zero emission

Graphene battery technology

*fast-charging 15min DOD 90%
* Cycle time 8600times DOD 81%        
* Can work in -35C  DOD 85%(normal type)
*cell have more performance and more safely 

The leading graphene battery technology

*Graphene LIFPO4 38120 3.2v 10AH 
      Normal type : Cycle time 3000times
      Power type  Cycle time 8600times 
*Graphen NCM   38120 3.7v 16AH
     Normal type :,Cycle time 3000times
*Fast-charging 15min DOD 90%

Low temperature, high rate leader 

*Graphene lifepo4
Normal type :work 5C ,-35C DOD 85%
Power type work 40C ,-50C,DOD 80%
Graphene NCM
Normal type :work 5C ,-35C DOD85%

Battery customization expert

Ceramic Diapheragm,the cells more safely 

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